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Penn State is committed to providing students with the resources needed to make informed decisions regarding their money management.

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  • “The financial literacy program at Penn State is a wonderful resource for your students and community.  I appreciate your thoughts, advice and willingness to help make our financial literacy program successful! “

    Lance H., BND



  • “Brad, you shared some advice about planning “financially” for the future……. the key is to live beautifully, I feel like I am on my way! Thank you!”

    Sarah T.

  • “The financial literacy program at  Penn State University is very comprehensive and successful.”

    Nayeli A.

  • “I would like to share one personal experience: I always felt I was financially responsible, but After attending various monthly seminars, I realized, I was thinking very short term. I wasn’t planning for future or emergency situations.”

    Vivek B.

  • “Your work has had a profound impact on so many students, including adult learners.”


  • “I’m already applying some of what I learned at the financial workshops I attended.”

    Barb D.

  • “I am certain your enlightening and thought provoking presentation struck a chord with students. I heard good comments from 40+ students.”

    Bob M.

  • “This workshop is great for all ages, especially college students who are just about to graduate and plan to live out in the real world.”

    Vivek B.

  • “Your talk was perfect! I liked the way you made the information easy to understand and very interesting.”

    Lisa W.

  • “Daad was very informative and she made me think of things that I never thought of before.”

    Kawana P.

Sokolov-Miller Family
Financial and Life Skills Center

11 A – Grange Building, University Park
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    Penn State – Want to schedule a guest speaker for a financial & life skills workshop, webinar, presentation, or a freshman seminar class? Submit a request

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    Penn State enrolled students – want to discuss your finances with a trained professional? Submit a request




10/30/17 - Services to provide students with the resources they need to make healthy financial decisions, are set to grow as the center moves to a new centrally located office in Grange Building.


比SSR好用的软件 - Daad Rizk, Penn State Financial Literacy Center Director received the 2017 Educator of the Year/Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award by the National Institute for Financial Literacy.


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